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The planet = climate museum - Düsseldorf: Municipal Museum - Zurich: Native's Museum of North "America" -
they were godS: Cusco, Cuenca, Quito, Bogotá - Vietnam war: Vietnam War Museum of Saigon / HCMC  

Nature with Mother Earth: Chile: Sea museum of Arica      

                    change ALWAYS exists - here is the climate diagram
                    of the last 4000 years    Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf   Indianer "3 Finger", ein
                              Cheyenne   Götter in Peru: Cusco-
                              Sacsayhuamán - Werkstatt   Götter in Ecuador: Cuenca
                              Ureinwohnermuseum "museo de los
                              aborigenes" mit Astronauten der
                              Vorzeit   Götter in Ecuador: Quito
                              Kulturmuseum ("museo de las
                              culturas") mit Astronauten der
                              Vorzeit   Götter in Kolumbien:
                              Bogotá Flugzeuge im Goldmuseum
                              ("museo de oro")   Vietnam Kriegsmuseum:
                              Die kriminell-"christliche" NATO
                              mit Agent Orange+Massenmord in Vietnam,
                              Laos und Kambodscha   Arica (Chile): Meermuseum
                              mit einer Perlmuschel "Pinctada
                              martensi" mit Perle

Impulses for life

by Michael Palomino (*1964)

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Data canNOT conspire, data only can be incomplete (2003).

People living against nature have to expect that nature will live with them (2014).

The world is a CLIMATE MUSEUM: Climate is changing by solar activity - ice ages by arms of the Milky Way - CO2 is a LIE

Climate change ALWAYS exists - here is the climate diagram of the last 4000 years  Climate change ALWAYS exists - here is the
                        climate diagram of the last 4000 years

And ice ages: come when the solar system is passing an arm of the Milky Way - more clouds!  Climate change by solar activity and
                          passing an arm of the milky way - galactic
Svensmark: Climate change by the galactic year

And the sea can be warmer and is a little bit rising: by expanding underground magma chambers

The solution for life is Mother Earth - living WITH the planet!
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go to link: South "America" (Chile, Peru, Ecuador etc.): They were godS (the astronauts of the past)
Germany: Municipal Museum Düsseldorf
Municipal Museum Düsseldorf

Indianer "3 Finger", ein Cheyenne
Natives: Museum Primary Nations
of North "America"
("Indian Museum" in Zurich)

Natives of North "America" - index

They were gods: astronauts came around 3000 years ago and taught people agriculture + urban planning
Däniken is confirmed - in South "America" the cr. Church only raged for 600 years, so many old statuettes survived
Gods in Peru:
                            Cusco-Sacsayhuamán - art studio
Gods in Peru: Cusco-Sacsayhuamán - art studio

Gods in
                            Ecuador: Cuenca
Gods in Ecuador: Cuenca: Native's Museum / Museum of the aborigines
Gods in
                            Ecuador: Quito
Gods in Ecuador: Quito:
Museum of cultures

                            in Columbia: Bogota
Gods in Columbia: Bogota
Airplanes in the Gold Museum

World crimes in Vietnam+Vietnam wars

War Museum in Saigon / HCMC ("Vietnam War Museum" in Ho Chi Minh City)

                          Kriegsmuseum in Saigon 01: NATO mit Agent
                          Orange-Verseuchung, Verlad, Sprühen, Waldmord
                          und Entlaubung
Vietnam Kriegsmuseum in Saigon 02 bis 07:
                          NATO-Agent-Orange-Opfer, Sammelfoto


Sea Museum of Arica (Chile)
                            ("Museo del Mar"): sea shells -
Sea Museum of Arica (Chile)

Sea Museum of Arica (Chile) ("Museo
                          del Mar"): freshwater snails, e.g.
                          "Asolene scalaris"
Sea Museum of Arica (Chile) ("Museo
del Mar"): freshwater snails,
e.g. "Asolene scalaris"
                          Museum of Arica (Chile) ("Museo del
                          Mar"): land snails e.g.
Sea Museum of Arica (Chile) ("Museo
del Mar"): land snails
  e.g. "Calocochlia-pulcherrima"

The order of UNO against censuration of 2011:
In 2011 UNO gave the order to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (CH) to avoid censuration concerning history

<Article 19: Freedoms of Opinion and Expression

"Laws limiting oppinions about historical facts by punishment are not acceptable with the duty which the states of the convention have accepted respecting the freedom of speech and opinion. The convention does not permit a general prohibition of the expression of an error oppinion or of an unright interpretation of events of the past."

(original in German: "Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse.")

(UN Human Rights Convention paragraph 49, CCPR/C/GC/34)

Indication by Adrian Preissinger on Facebook, March 7, 2014

Corrupt governments of Berlin, Berne and Vienna will have to follow this UNO order.

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Photo sources
-- Cheyenne "3 Fingers" ("Indian"): http://www.voelkerkunde.at/news/deutsch/newsletter/2008_1/index.htm

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